Terms of Service

Welcome to STRIDEUX LTD. By subscribing to our services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service. These terms outline the use and limitations of our digital marketing and product design services offered through our three tiers: Momentum, Forward, and Trailblazer.


Focuses on digital marketing design, including brand identity, copywriting, visual design, content strategy, video animation, web design, and web development.


Dedicated to product design, including product design strategy, user experience audits, native application UI design, interaction design, prototyping, and design system documentation.


Combines the offerings of Momentum and Forward tiers with the ability to handle up to three concurrent tasks.

All Tiers

All Tiers include unlimited requests, up to two concurrent requests (three for Trailblazer), weekly syncs, a managed team, integration into client workflows, and a client portal for account management.

User Responsibilities

Subscribers are expected to provide accurate and necessary information required for STRIDEUX LTD to deliver the subscribed services efficiently.

Billing, Cancelation, and Refunds

Billing is on a monthly cycle starting from the sign-up date. Payments are processed via Stripe, accepting credit cards and bank transfers. Clients will not receive service unless they have an active subscription. Subscribers can cancel or pause their subscriptions at any time without penalties; however, refunds are not offered.

Account Terminations

STRIDEUX LTD reserves the right to terminate or suspend accounts based on partnership health and operational discretion.


Growth or specific outcomes from the use of STRIDEUX LTD services are not guaranteed. Services are provided "as is" without any warranties.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Availability and Response Times

  • STRIDEUX LTD commits to acknowledging communications within 24 hours on working days, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST.Completion times for service requests may vary based on complexity and client needs.
  • STRIDEUX LTD will maintain open communication to manage expectations and timelines effectively.
  • Some tasks can be delivered in as little as a couple of days and larger, more complex tasks could take weeks or months.

Independent Contractor Status

  • The relationship between STRIDEUX LTD and its clients is that of an independent contractor. This SLA does not establish an employer-employee relationship between STRIDEUX LTD, its employees, subcontractors, and the Client.
  • STRIDEUX LTD and its team are responsible for determining their own work processes and methods without direct oversight from the Client.
  • STRIDEUX LTD and its team are not entitled to employee benefits, such as health insurance, provided by the Client.
  • STRIDEUX LTD and its team are responsible for their own equipment and workspace. Expenses related to these will not be reimbursed by the Client.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

  • STRIDEUX LTD commits to maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary information and trade secrets of the Client. This obligation extends to all employees, subcontractors, and affiliates of STRIDEUX LTD.
  • STRIDEUX LTD will not share, disclose, or otherwise make available any of the Client's confidential information without prior written consent, except as required by law.
  • The obligation of confidentiality shall survive the termination or expiration of any service provided under this SLA.

Service Failures and Remediation

  • In the event of service failures or unexpected downtime, STRIDEUX LTD will take prompt corrective action to restore service and minimize impact on the Client.
  • Specific compensation or credit policies for service failures will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the nature of the disruption and the impact on the Client.

Escalation and Resolution

  • Any service-related concerns or issues should be initially addressed to the assigned project manager for resolution.
  • If satisfactory resolution is not achieved, the issue may be escalated within STRIDEUX LTD's management structure for further attention and action.
This Service Level Agreement is designed to ensure a mutual understanding of service expectations and responsibilities, fostering a strong and collaborative partnership between STRIDEUX LTD and its clients.